Offline Baghouse

In an offline pulse jet baghouse, the construction and working is similar as the online baghouse. The offline Pulse jet Baghouse consists of a number of modules/chambers. Each module is isolated from gas stream by closing its outlet poppet damper in predetermined sequence. In an isolated module, each of filter bag rows is cleaned sequentially by compressed air pulses. The mass of air also draws air behind it, adding to the downward airflow.

The dust removed falls into the hoppers and is discharged through discharge valve. A master controller - which can be PLC (Programmable logic Controller) based dictates the sequence of the chambers that should be go in "Offline Mode."

Offline baghouse systems are generally suitable for large volumes or applications which have light dust. These baghouse systems are robust and sturdy. One of the main advantages of the offline baghouse system is that the maintenance of the system can be done by "switching off" one module till the time the maintenance activity is complete.

Offline baghouse systems are used in steel, cement and power applications where the gas volumes are huge.

ECOMAK Offline pulse-jet baghouse technology caters to various sectors of the industry. Offline Pulse-jet baghouse is used for PRIMARY and SECONDARY Ventilation applications.